White Fillings Blend In With Your Smile

Dental fillings are a sure way of treating a wide range of problems, from cavities to gaps in your teeth. Unlike traditional metal fillings, white fillings are easier to apply and match your natural teeth. Learn more about this restorative dental treatment below.

White Fillings Explained

White fillings, also called tooth-colored fillings, come from a mixture of resin and glass. Dentists insert this mixture into the cavity and harden or cure it using UV light. Patients prefer white fillings because they match their natural teeth, and they are more affordable than metal fillings.

There is no recovery time needed after getting white fillings, so you can leave your dentist's office and return to your normal activities on the same day.

When discussing white fillings, your dentist in Methuen may mention direct fillings and indirect fillings. A direct filling is ideal for smaller cavities because your dentist can mold and cure the white resin from his chair. An indirect filling is ideal for larger cavities which require your dentist to take an impression of the cavity and create a white filling to fit precisely into your tooth.

White Fillings Procedure

Depending on the size of the cavities and the number of teeth in need of fillings, it takes on average 30 minutes to apply white fillings. Your dentist may also recommend dental cleaning and whitening before applying the fillings.

It is important to find the most natural shade of filling to match your teeth because white fillings don't stain like your natural teeth. This is why your dentist may recommend avoiding wine, coffee, tea, and smoking for a few days after applying your white fillings to keep your teeth from stains.

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White fillings are great for the whole family because they are safe, durable, and look like your natural teeth. Get in touch with Methuen Family Dentistry in Massachusetts for your appointment today.