Non-Surgical Gum Treatment Is Available From Your Methuen Dentist

Bleeding gums, weakened teeth, and irritation when brushing and flossing are all symptoms of gum disease. If you have been recently diagnosed with this condition, you might be anxious about the types of treatment available to you.

However, it is crucial to understand that only the most severe cases of the periodontal disease need surgery. There are non-surgical gum treatment options that your dentist in Methuen may recommend.

Read on to learn more about the stages of gum disease and how non-surgical gum treatment works.

Gum Disease Stages

The easiest gum disease to treat using non-surgical methods is gingivitis. A plaque causes this at or below the gum line, which causes bleeding and sensitivity during brushing and eating. If left untreated, gingivitis develops into periodontitis, where the bone and fibers that support your teeth become damaged by plaque and bacteria. Advanced periodontitis is the most severe gum disease that can cause bad breath and loose teeth, irritation, and bleeding.

Types of Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

For milder cases of gingivitis, your dentist in Methuen may recommend a localized antibiotic powder or gel to apply onto your gums. You may apply this gel or powder onto a custom-fitted dental tray, which holds the antibiotic in place to prevent infection and improve your healing.

If your gum disease is severe, your dentist may recommend a tooth cleaning method called scaling. Tooth scaling removes plaque from underneath the gum line using a small probe.

Another technique is root planing, where your dentist smooths out the parts of the potentially infected tooth's root. Both of these non-surgical gum treatments require local anesthesia to suppress pain.

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