See What We See With The Help Of An Intraoral Camera

At Methuen Family Dentistry in Methuen, staying at the forefront of technology is vital for providing high-quality patient care. Intraoral cameras are among the remarkable advancements that have revolutionized how we conduct examinations and treatments. These small, innovative devices offer a clear view inside the oral cavity, allowing us to identify issues more accurately and enhancing communication.

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a handheld device that captures high-resolution images of the oral cavity, including teeth, gums, and other oral structures. It has a tiny camera that captures real-time footage and transfers it to a computer monitor or screen, providing a comprehensive view of your mouth.

How does it work?

The intraoral camera is inserted gently into the mouth, capturing images and videos from various angles. These images are displayed on a screen, allowing you and the dentist to see the live footage together. The camera's technology ensures sharp, detailed images, enabling us to identify potential problems such as cavities, gum disease, cracks, or other abnormalities.

What are the benefits of intraoral cameras?

  • Enhanced Diagnosis: Intraoral cameras provide a magnified and highly detailed view of the oral cavity, enabling us to identify dental issues more accurately.
  • Patient Education: We can educate you about oral health and treatment options by sharing real-time images and videos. 
  • Early Detection of Dental Problems: Intraoral cameras aid in the early detection of dental issues, allowing us to address them before they worsen. 
  • Improved Communication: The ability to see your oral health status in real-time enhances our communication and trust. 
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping: Intraoral cameras enable us to capture detailed visual records. These images can be stored for future reference and comparison, facilitating accurate monitoring of your oral health progress.

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