Digital X-Rays Are Safe And Help Us Embark On Effective Treatment

As the medical industry evolves, diagnostic tools such as x-rays are becoming more precise, faster to produce, and expose patients to far less radiation. Digital X-rays have numerous advantages over traditional x-rays. Find out why more dentists are switching to digital x-rays today.

Digital X-Rays Explained

Digital x-rays use electronic sensors and a digital device to capture images, unlike traditional X-rays that rely on photographic film. Dentists process digital x-rays using software on the technician's computer instead of in a lab using chemicals like conventional x-rays. While traditional x-rays are still relevant and have their place in the dental industry, digital x-rays offer the following advantages:

1. Higher Quality Imaging

Digital x-rays capture high-resolution images that easily reveal tiny fractures and soft tissue damage, which is particularly helpful in dentistry. Digital x-rays allow your dentist in Methuen to zoom in, rotate and manipulate the image to get the most accurate diagnosis.

2. Less Radiation and Chemicals

Digital x-rays produce up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, which is great for both patients and physicians. Additionally, dentists process digital x-rays in minutes on the computer, meaning technicians no longer handle chemicals to produce the x-rays.

3. Easier Storage

Since computers can store digital x-rays, a dentist can keep an external drive of patient x-rays or even save them on the cloud instead of traditional filing cabinets. Secondly, digital x-rays eliminate the need to store film processing chemicals and equipment in the dentist's office or a dedicated lab.

4. Easter Communication

Unlike traditional x-rays, which you must mail or collect at the dentist's office, they can share digital x-rays with patients, dental teams and specialists, and dental insurance providers via email.

Faster diagnostics at Methuen Family Dentistry

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