Dental Crowns ‘Cap’ Damaged Teeth To Improve Their Appearance And Strength

Our teeth are among the strongest part of the human body, but they are vulnerable to damage and need proper care. If your teeth suffer damage from gum disease, decay, or an accident, your dentist in Methuen may recommend dental crowns to restore their shape and strength.

Dental Crowns Explained

A dental crown is a ceramic, porcelain, or metallic cap that covers a damaged tooth. It prevents further damage to the teeth and is a long-term solution if you have cracked or broken teeth, large cavities, or severely discolored teeth. It is also used after a root canal treatment to protect the healthy part of the tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns

Depending on your dental needs, your dentist in Methuen may recommend one of the following types of crowns:

  1. Temporary crown: This dental crown protects your tooth after a root canal treatment before a permanent crown comes on.
  2. ¾ crown: This is a partial crown added onto teeth with solid root structures.
  3. Permanent crown: This type of crown can last between 5 and 15 years with proper care.
  4. One-day crown: This is the quickest type of crown that dentists can apply today. Your dentist creates it using computer-aided design (CAD) technology.

Dental Crown Materials

Your dentist in Methuen will discuss the different types of dental crown materials to choose from. If your front and side teeth need crowns, then porcelain and ceramic crowns are best because they look natural when you smile. However, if your back teeth need this treatment, metallic crowns are ideal because they are out of sight and can handle heavier use than the front and side teeth.

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