Meet Dr. Sivers In Methuen

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Dr. Mark Sivers’ primary focus is to provide an exceptional patient experience. He utilizes technology, like intraoral photography and 3D imaging, to make the most accurate diagnosis possible and provide effective treatment solutions. As his patient, you’re able to skip goopy, unpleasant impressions should you need restorative treatment such as crowns. Dr. Sivers will explain what he sees and show you in real-time so you can be completely confident about the recommended treatment.

Meet Dr. Ana Mateo In Methuen

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Dr. Ana Mateo is attentive to her patients’ needs and provides positive experiences and comprehensive care. She’s bilingual and excited to welcome you to Methuen Family Dentistry and work closely with you to achieve your dental goals.

Meet Crystal Mercedes, Practice Administrator

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Crystal goes in every day with the goal of making sure every patient has a comfortable experience in the office. The best feeling, in her opinion, is when she can make someone feel at home in an environment that most people try to avoid. She works diligently to ensure that each patient understands how important visiting your dentist a couple of times a year is. Do you know what an untreated cavity can do to your overall health? If you can’t answer this question, visit our team, and we will be more than happy to share our knowledge and help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile!

Meet Katie King, Dental Assistant

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Before joining the team at Methuen Family Dentistry, Katie worked at an oral surgery practice in Boston for 10 years. She was the main assistant and oversaw billing for five years. Katie was also responsible for educating patients about their procedures and what to expect after. She’s skilled in assisting with IV sedations, extractions, dental implants, pathology, and more.
Katie King

Meet Cathy Le, Dental Hygienist

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Cathy always aims to provide patients a positive, comfortable, and enlightening experience in the dental chair. She achieves this through gentle cleanings and catering to each person’s individual needs. Cathy loves the reward and gratification that comes with seeing patients reach their goals of optimal oral health. She enjoys being able to educate and treat people of all ages.
Cathy Le

Meet The Team

Our compassionate dentists, along with their well-trained team, are dedicated to giving you a relaxing dental experience from start to finish. We take a preventive approach to smile care because we recognize that routine visits to your dentist in Methuen, in combination with a proper at-home hygiene routine, are instrumental in achieving a healthy smile that endures the test of time. We work well together to provide one-on-one care patients feel good about. We can’t wait to meet you!

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